Nowe Dziedzictwo





Nobody knows why we live

Nobody knows the purpose of creation

Nobody fully understands a work of art

Nor does the sender

Everything must be experienced, tasted, pondered

KKV has never formulated any goal beyond what is inherent in our name and our practice. Intuition guides us, and we always seek something that will stir us, something that has quality. Our projects narrate how we think. Playful, boundless and unabashed are adjectives that may suitably describe our approach. Or these words:




We started as a rebellion within the church. As the years went by we lifted our eyes. Boundaries must be challenged at home and abroad. Palestine, Iran, Kurdistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, South Africa, Kenya and Romania are some of the countries we have been dealing with recently. Cries for liberation and dialogue are trapped behind great walls. There is a massive amount of unrest. The world needs this: To see, to hear, to sense and to understand what is complex and deep and different than what we thought. What stirs and concerns us.

Quality takes precedence at KKV. Here is a list of some of the artists and visual designers we have cooperated with:

Artists: Kari Bremnes, Sondre Bratland, Ole Paus, Rikard Wolff, SKRUK, Sigvart Dagsland, Bjørn Eidsvåg, Anita Skorgan, Carola, Morten Harket, Lill Lindfors, Erik Bye, Ketil Bjørnstad, Farmers Market, Mari Boine, Eva Dahlgren, Rim Banna, Mahsa Vahdat, Iver Kleive, Knut Reiersrud, Henning Sommerro. You can find more here and also find a list of people who have made their debut on KKV).

Visual artists, designers, architects: Gunnar Torvund, Tor Lindrupsen, Laila Kongevoll, Rigmor Bové, Terje Hope, Jan Olav Jenssen. You can find more here.

Stage artists/actors/dramatists: Andrea Bræin Hovig, Rebekka Karijord, Hildegunn Riise, Bjørn Sundqvist, Thea Stabell, Gisken Armand, Kim Haugen, Øystein Røger, Nils Ole Oftebro, Juni Dahr, Nina Wester, Gard Bjørnstjerne Eidsvoll, Edvard Hoem. You can find more here.

KKV is a limited company owned by Kirkens Bymisjon (40%), Opplysningsvesenets Fond (OVF – an endowment fund set up to benefit the Church) (40%) and Marianne Lystrup/Erik Hillestad (20%).

Members of the Board: Terje Kaupang (Chairman of the Board), Thea Stabell and Inger Anne Naterstad.

The KKV staff consists of the following permanent employees:

Erik Hillestad (general manager, music production)

Kristin Reitan (administration manager, management)

Berit Hunnestad (visual art and visual profile)

Hege Marit Folkestad (export and finances)

Stian Moen (music club, sales, social media)

Kristin Pedersen (Kulturkirken Jakob – Jakob Church of Culture)


The following are also connected to our enterprises on a part-time or freelance basis:

Reidar Saunes (Special relations, music sales)

Morten Eriksen (Long-term development)

Rigmor Bové (Textile art)

Terje Hope (Interior architect and furniture designer)

Martin Abrahamsen (sound technician)

Alf Christian Hvidsteen (sound technician)

Daniel Wold (sound technician, video editing)

Jan Olav Lund (Arena manager, Kulturkirken Jakob – Jakob Church of Culture)

Rune Børø (Technical manager, Kulturkirken Jakob – Jakob Church of Culture)

Marian Lisland (Jakobmessene)

Øystein Hillestad Lystrup (Technical arena functions)