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Conference “Temple – eternal sacred?” is divided into five panels


Friday, 12th September 2014
St. John’s Centre, Gdańsk, Świętojańska 50

10.00 Conference Opening

Institutions Housed in Former Churches
Jakub Szczepański

10.15 Erik Hillestad, Berit Hunnestad, Gabrielle Tillson: Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo – a venue for culture and still a church
10.40 Andreas Broegger: Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre
11.05 Marta Demko: The Art Gallery El in Elbląg – an art gallery in a former Dominican church
11.30 Isabel Schubert, Thekla Wolff: Kultur Büro Elisabeth: saving listed churches – opening them wide for culture and people – curating the programme
11.55 Iwona Berent: The revalorization and adaptation of St. John’s Church in Gdansk for St. John’s Centre
12.30    Iwona Berent: visiting the St. John’s Church
13.00    break

Adaptation Challenges
Jacek Kriegseisen

14.15     Jakub Szczepański: Reconstruction of gothic churches in Northern Europe and their adaptation for cultural purposes
14.40    Marek Świdrak: Desacralization of churches in Cracow
15.05    Marta Rusnak: The brewery chapel in Tychy – example of adaptation of a sacred building for secular purposes
15.30    Grażyna Stojak: Between oblivion and new forms of prime. The unutilized sacred architecture heritage in Subcarpathia and its new functions.
16.15    break

Secular Life of Former Sacred Buildings
Hubert Bilewicz

16.45    Katarzyna Anna Wojtczak: Nihil novi sub sole. The recycling of the sacred architecture through the ages.
17.10    Dominika Piotrowska: Heaven for rent or a new life of former churches
17.35    Discussion: Ethical dilemmas of reusing sacral space
18.45    break
20.30    concert of Michał Jacaszek in St. John’s Centre

Saturday, 13th September 2014
The Old Town Hall, Gdansk, Korzenna 33/35    

10.00    Anna Perz: The tumultuous and variable fortune of the Gdańsk churches – a sightseeing tour

New Media – New Possibilities
Zuzanna Stańska

12.00    Diana Stelowska: Possibilities given by the new media in the promotion of culture institutions situated in former sacral spaces
12.25    Jan Piotr Cieślak: What for? The meaning and role of digital tools in cultural institutions
12.50    Maciej Wojnicki: Mobile applications an augmented reality in art and culture promotion
13.15    Zuzanna Stańska: New trends in mobile
14.15    break

Cultural Networking
Anna Zalewska-Andruszkiewicz, Andreas Broegger

15.15    Isabel Schubert, Thekla Wolff: Networking: saving or wasting time? First ideas for an international network of cultural churches.
15.40    Hannes Langbein: Emerging Communities – Kulturkirchen in Germany and beyond.
16.05    Anna Zalewska-Adruszkiewicz, Andreas Broegger: Perspective of creating an international network of cultural institutions housed in former churches.
16.30    Discussion
17.00    Conference Closing