St. John’s in Gdansk

St. John’s in Gdansk is a typical example of a Gothic church from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. It is characterized by massive and simple architecture. It is one of three churches located in the Main Town, the tourist centre of Gdansk. The church has many original elements, raising its historical value.

St. John’s Cultural Centre was founded in 1995. The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre took over the ruined church of St. John and committed to its reconstruction and management. Inside the church a new space combining the functions of the concert hall and exhibition venue was initiated. A Reconstruction office was established and it began restoration works in the building, primarily focused on the protection from its further degradation. In 2009-12, thanks to funding from the Pomeranian province, revitalization and adaptation to the cultural centre was carried out in the church. The venue has been furnished with modern equipment and professional facilities for exhibitions and concerts were introduced.

The main postulation of cultural activities run in the Centre is to create a space open to a variety of projects, space serving both artists and consumers of art. The Centre is a spot in which there is a natural synchronization between the preserved historical and cultural heritage and modernity. The interior essentially functions as a unique concert hall. In the church there is also a balance between the sphere of the sacred and the profane. The space is mainly used for BSCC purposes however it is also rented for external events.