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Adaptation is nothing but changing an already assigned function of a building to become suitable for a new purpose.

If a church is to be turned into a modern cultural centre, a specific infrastructure must me introduced. Organisation of concerts and exhibitions requires scene, auditorium as well as a sound and light system. It is also vital to make the venue visitor friendly (e.g. provide access to toilets) and adjust it to proper regulations regarding organisation of such events.

When it comes to adapting historic buildings all the works must be consulted with conservation officer in order to respect and protect historic substance of the building. These interventions usually require compromise between conservation regulations and designer’s invention.

What is often controversial during adaptation works is the form of the introduced elements. Since decades there has been a clash of two standpoints: conservative, which stresses that new elements should be stylized so that they resemble historic substance, and modern that stresses clear visual and technological division between new and old elements.