Galeria EL

Elblag Gallery El Art Centre is housed in Saint Mary’s church, which dates back to the thirteenth century. There are monastery buildings adjacent to this two-nave gothic church. Despite the turbulent history of the buildings, which during the War fell into disrepair, there are numerous preserved original movables inside the church.

The Gallery’s history dates back to the 60s of the twentieth century, when its founder artist Gerard Kwiatkowski applied to town authorities with an idea of creating art studio and art exhibition space in the ruins of the church. In 1965 the Gallery began organizing the Biennale of Spatial Forms - a cyclical event that brought fame and cemented the Gallery’s position on the Polish cultural map. Since then, the gallery focuses on experimental and innovative activities.

In 2010 revitalization works were conducted in the building and two galleries, destroyed in 1945, were rebuilt. A two-storey, steel-and-glass structure, combined by lift is used for the presentation of geometric art collection.

Apart from the presentation of the permanent collection, the gallery primarily exhibits recent art. The gallery organizes exhibitions, art workshops and concerts.