Kultur Büro Elisabeth

Kultur Büro Elisabeth is a foundation established in 2003, as the initiative of the Evangelical parish. The foundation takes care of high-class historic churches in Berlin: St. Elisabeth-Kirche (19th C.), Zionkirche (19th C.), Golghatakirche (19th/ 20th C.), Sophienkirche (18th C.) and St. Johannes-Evagelist-Kirche (19th/ 20th C.).

The Foundation was established to help the parish to maintain the buildings and take over the costs. By establishing an independent organization, it can decide and operate economically. Above all, however, its aim is to create a space for culture in the church. The foundation’s motto is: "Kultur Raum Geben".

Through its programme the Büro wants to show possibilities for the alternative use of sacred buildings. It emphasizes the role of the church in the cultural variety Berlin and strengthens the image of the protestant church. In consultation with the parish the foundation performs a diverse cultural program, open primarily to young artists as it creates space for rehearsals and presentation of their work.

The buildings host numerous concerts, dance performances, theatre performances, exhibitions of contemporary art and installations. Büro cooperates with numerous festivals held in Berlin, including Berlin Biennale. It also conducts commercial activities. Collected funds are dedicated to realisation of the program and maintenance of the buildings.