Nikolaj Kunsthal

Nikolaj Kunsthal is a Contemporary Art Centre, which is housed in the former St. Nicholas church in Copenhagen. The beginnings of the church, located in the city centre, dates back to the thirteenth century, which makes it the third oldest temple of Copenhagen. Nikolaj suffered greatly as a result of the great fire that bursted in the city in 1795. With the lack of funds for the reconstruction of the destroyed church, in the early nineteenth century it was desanctified. It was not until the early twentieth century, when the body of the church was rebuilt. In the 60s the building was occasionally used for the presentation of contemporary art, and from the 80s it became a permanent exhibition spot.

Today Nikolaj focuses exclusively on presenting international contemporary art, in particular projects that relate to current political, social and cultural issues. The Centre carries out 6-7 exhibitions a year and a cyclic video art festival FOKUS.

An interesting initiative carried out in Nikolaj is to use the potential of the building’s past, which still exists in the minds of the people as a temple. In 2011 it started a promotional campaign based on slogans that all have religious and art connotations. For example, on the church tower hung a banner with a causing consternation slogan "I’m not a church".