On 12-13th Sept 2014 Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, the host of a housed in a gothic church Saint John’s cultural Centre, organised in Gdansk a conference „Temple- the eternal sacred?”. The conference was realised in the frame of ‘Ny Arv/ New Heritage’ project.

The conference commenced the meeting of representatives of other cultural institutions housed in former or still functioning churches. It gave opportunity for discussions about history, adaptation challenges, secular life of former churches and possibilities for future cooperation between these unique institutions.

The completion of revitalisation and adaptation of Saint John’s into a cultural centre by Baltic Sea Cultural Centre triggered a need for pursuit of comparable institutions to learn and inspire from. That is how the cooperation with Jakob Kulturkirken was initiated. Jakob is as a neogothic church in side which Kirkelig Kulturverksted built a space for cultural events: concerts, theatre and exhibitions. The institutions are working on a joint music venture, which will be launched in 2015 r. in Saint John’s Cultural Centre in Gdansk and Jakob Kulturkirken in Oslo.

This cooperation is a background of ‘Ny Arv/New Heritage’, a project realised in Poland and Norway in 2014-16. Its objective is to draw attention to the special potential that lies in churches transformed into cultural venues. The project consists of three ventures: organisation of the conference, creation of new tools for cultural heritage promotion and the music exchange. ‘Ny Arv/New Heritage’ is supported by a grant from Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and co-financed by the Polish funds.